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I love shooting anything and everything, except animals.


From birthday parties to major events, I'm capable of seeing unique shots that will definitely leave you something to remember it by.


Need some good quality images for your online business? Or need to show off some exciting new products?  Let's show it all off together!


Feel like your profile picture needs an update? Let's capture the best you that you can be. Or looking to create a sweetheart memory? Let me capture you and your boo.

Kalin Govender

Photographer / Content Creator / Bearded Person / Arm Folder

About the guy behind the lens...

I was that kid at the school dance who couldn't dance..., Also I couldn't get a date.

So to live in the moment, I decided to be the guy who captured it, which I absolutely loved! I enjoyed capturing the special moments, the secret moments of dances, the sportsmanship moments of sport meets, every possible special moment.

Over recent years, I've lived in such moments, and choose to capture them, but with some added...finesse. I believe some of the best moments come from complete surprise, and candid shots are a personal speciality. I like to create true emotions in my photography(no fake smiles), but also create a story that makes you feel something more than meets the eye.

I'm constantly learning, and always applying newly learnt knowledge with the result of creating something personal and distinctive to each project, because each person infront of my camera is special and unique on their own.

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